TV ‘News’ Crosses Entertainment Line

Howard Rosenberg’s “Straight From the Source’s Mouth?” piece (Jan. 28) was just like a light in the darkness for me.

Last year I belatedly realized that the three major TV networks were including their news programs with their entertainment programs in that pursuit of the mighty dollar. News has become part of the “sweeps” mess and has suffered in quality due to the prevalent “money trail.”

Now highly paid news anchors are used to promote their network’s news, views, pseudo news and whatever else they produce to inform (?) the public. The three network news programs are amazingly similar. Unfortunately, this control has filtered down to the local stations, which no longer take the time to seek out or place priority on important local news. I watch CNN for breaking news but am not interested in their interpretations.

All of the TV “pundits” rail on and on about the interests of the American public without realizing that only a very small portion of that public lives in the Beltway. I continually am appalled by scenes of dozens of reporters surrounding any person they feel might provide one little smidgen of new information.


The morning TV “news” shows and the Sunday “news” discussion shows are a waste of time for people who enjoy real news. Perhaps, one day, the TV network gurus will realize that providing reliable information to the public is more precious than any ratings.


San Diego

I have been disillusioned and saddened by the conduct of those members of the media I had considered to be reputable and responsible. In this matter they have behaved more like the tabloids.

I am further disappointed with the so-called comedians who consider it their job to have open season in attacking the president in the most disrespectful and scurrilous manner.

Rosenberg is to be admired for his moral sense of responsibility in taking his fellow journalists to task for being rumormongers.


Beverly Hills