Contrasting Sentences

On the same day (July 11), I read of two court sentences, one by Judge Edward Brodie in Ventura and one by Judge Barbara Lee Burke in Glendale.

In the Ventura case, a Simi Valley coach had sexual relations at least 9 times with a minor he coached. Punishment: probation and $200 fine, or about $22 an incident.

In the Glendale case, two snowboarders got lost off the ski trail (misdemeanor trespassing). Punishment: probation, $810 fine each, plus possibly being required to repay the $23,000 cost of the search effort, or $12,310 each an incident.

What is the message? Is it that our youth are open game to coaches and other youth leaders they look up to? Is it don’t let your kids go skiing, snowboarding, sledding or hiking unless you have megabucks? Or if you do, and they get lost, don’t report it?


People like me who have paid taxes all along but never needed help with a rescue should get a refund. My kid got lost sledding once, but thank goodness I found him.