Pint-Sized Punch Lines

* Where do the bad guys from “Star Wars” live when they’re on Earth? The Empire State Strikes Back building. (Gabriel Rosensten, 7, Santa Monica, Canyon Charter School)

* What kind of underwear do fighters wear? Boxer shorts. (Daniel Viscovich, 6, Torrance, Montessori Peninsula School)

* What do you call the boss of office supplies? The Ruler. (Steven Uwanawich, 11, Alhambra, Marguerita Elementary)

* What did the big firecracker say to the little one? “My pop’s bigger than your pop.” (Sana Farooq, 9, Ontario, Sky Country Elementary)


* Every day at school, a boy named Alex gave his teacher a box of raisins. Then one day he stopped bringing the raisins. So the teacher asked him, “Why don’t you bring me a box of raisins anymore?” Alex said, “Because my rabbit died.” (Sumeer Thapar, 12, Chino Hills, Canyon Hills Junior High)

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