The Return of Summer

Southern California and beaches. The two are havens for stars and starfish, bodybuilders and bodyboarders, perfect for people watching along the 70 miles of coastline in Los Angeles County, 42 in Orange County.

But who's counting? With every wave, every ripple, every grain of sand, the lure of the sea roars--Godzilla-like--a mighty mouth beckoning beach lovers.

She's so salty, our Pacific, our summer seductress.

And her beaches--from Malibu to Zuma to Dana Point--well, are heating up.

It's time to grab your towel, sun block, the juiciest paperback, the sleekest shades and get beach-blanket jiggy. After all, beach lounging is the quintessential Southern California experience.

For sure, all you chumbawambas,it's time to take the back of our hands and wipe off the Big Wet Kiss from the Big Kahuna of winter, El Nino. Yep, from here on out, it's Frisbees and volleyball. Boogie boarding days and pier pressure nights. It's sun and surf, sand and solitude. Bake, bask or broil--it's the Moondoggie days of summer, baby.

And yo quiero beach.

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