The Talk of Volley Girls and Guys

They "dink" and "chuck," "joust" and "hammer." And when a "flosser" breezes by, you gotta show off and give someone a "facial disgracial."

We're talking volleyspeak, the lingo of the official sport of summer: volleyball. It's not enough to look the part in wraparound Killer Loops and Billabong board shorts, and gulp massive amounts of Evian.

You gotta talk the talk, dude.

Here's how:

* Chuck: A ball that is pushed or thrown.

* Coverage: Backing up a partner's hit.

* Dink: Ball played just over the net.

* Facial: A spike to the face; also called a six-pack because if you give a facial, you buy the beer.

* Facial disgracial: An extreme facial that sends a player out of the match.

* Flosser: A thong-wearing woman.

* Hammer: A downward hard hit.

* Jed: A block.

* Joust: When two opposing players battle the ball above the net.

* Kong block: A one-armed block invented by beach superstar Randy Stoklos.

* Lollipop: A very easy serve.

* Scoop: A ball saved with any part of the body.

* Spade: An ace serve.

* Volley dolly: A volleyball groupie.

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