New Law Targets Neglected Properties

The City Council has adopted a new property maintenance law that targets neglected properties.

The ordinance, more than a year in development, received final approval Monday night.

Although some in Simi Valley have complained the ordinance is vaguely worded and sets ill-defined standards, officials say the law will give the city the ammunition it needs to remedy eyesores such as the dilapidated Sears store on Tapo Street that stood broken and vacant for years before being torn down.

City officials say the ordinance will not be used to target residents who have not mowed their lawns or those who have a boat parked on the grass next to the garage.

Rather, officials said, it will apply specifically to properties that have fallen into such a state of disrepair that they have not only become a burden for the entire community, but present safety concerns as well.

Passage of the ordinance also means the city will have to hire an additional full-time code enforcement officer at a cost that as not yet been determined.

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