Punch Lines

Clunk: President Clinton has a big bump on his forehead. “Who does he think he is, Jerry Ford?” (Albert Perrotta)

Spice Line: Ginger Spice says she’s left the group due to differences. “I think we can rule out creative.” (Jay Leno)

More: “Ginger Spice also announced that after she leaves the group she’ll get bigger implants and perform under the name ‘Spice Rack.’ ” (Leno)

Viagravation: The FDA is looking into the deaths of six men who were taking Viagra. “The really sad thing is, to impotent guys, death is just a minor side effect.” (Leno)


Valley Girl: Fran Drescher was reportedly ticketed outside a Sherman Oaks department store for parking in a handicapped space. “If you think about that, it sort of makes sense.” (Premiere Radio)

Kingfish: Tornadoes ruined towns in South Dakota; twisters wrecked Alabama, Tennessee and Florida; mudslides clobbered California. “James Cameron has just agreed to direct ‘El Nino.’ ” (Argus Hamilton)

Starry Starr: Astronomers have discovered another planet in our galaxy. “They say this planet is a ball of gas two to three times bigger than Kenneth Starr.” (Leno)

Which Came First?: Cher’s TV special, “Sonny & Me: Cher Remembers,” was about life with her late ex-husband, Sonny Bono. “Bono was a comedian before he went to Congress. Most congressmen do it the other way around.” (Hamilton)


Embryonic: The group Hanson released an album of early work. “It’s called ‘Hanson, the Sonogram.’ ” (Leno)

Oxymoron Update:

* family vacation

* athletic scholarship


* political science

(Joan Pinkham)


Oldie but Goodie:


In a note, Will Couzin wondered why we sometimes run classic jokes in this column. Then he suggested this one:

Sherlock Holmes and Watson are on a camping trip. Looking up, Holmes asks, “What do you see, Watson?”

“I see the stars.”

“And what does it mean to you, Watson?”


“It means that tomorrow will be a nice day. What does it mean to you, Holmes?”

“It means that someone has stolen our tent.”

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