2 Garages Damaged in Unrelated Fires

Two unrelated garage fires occurred over the weekend within 12 hours of each other, one in Oak Park, the other in the Westlake section of Thousand Oaks.

The first blaze, which occurred about 9 p.m. Saturday on Saltino Way in Oak Park, caused $65,000 worth of damage to the garage and a vehicle parked inside, said a spokeswoman with the Ventura County Fire Department.

The second blaze broke out about 8 a.m. Sunday in a garage at a single-story condominium complex on Center Court Drive in Thousand Oaks. Structural damage was estimated at $50,000, with another $20,000 damage to the contents. Investigators said the fire was caused by spontaneous ignition but offered no further details. Nobody was hurt in either fire, authorities said.

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