Pint-Sized Punch Lines

What two things make girls sick at camp? Boys 'n' ivy. (Lisa Shapiro, 10, Los Angeles, Temple Emanuel Community Day School)

* How could someone be right and wrong at the same time? By making a right turn when he should have made a left. (Irene Alfaro, 8, Norwalk, St. John of God School)

* What did the insurance agent say to the dog? "May I see your paw-licy?" (Jenna McEachron, 5, Apple Valley, Faith Christian School)

* A boy had three questions to ask God. The first question was, "Is it true that you love everyone in the world?" "Yes," was the answer. The second question was, "Is it true that 1,000 years is like a second to you?" "Yes," was the answer. The third question was, "Will you give me $1 million?" The answer: "Yes, in a second." (Matthew Streshinsky, 9, Laguna Niguel, Bergeson Elementary)

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