Dan Pallotta: Worth Every Cent

Kudos to Dan Pallotta for his efforts on behalf of those with HIV and AIDS ("Rider in the Storm," by Janet Wiscombe, May 10). The AIDS Rides have drawn hundreds of thousands in donations and raised the consciousness of many who'd otherwise be unaware.

Who cares if Pallotta is making a good salary? Many make much more and give absolutely nothing back. If his pay, whatever it is, allows him to continue raising funds for the charities he seems committed to, then I say he's not getting paid enough.

Give him a raise.

Jeff Danis

Los Angeles


Too often, nonprofit organizations stage amateurish, ineffective events that net only a meager amount for the agency. Funds spent to have a professional production firm stage events of the magnitude of the AIDS Rides are dollars well spent.

Greg Jenkins

Long Beach

Poll the HIV-positive clients of the Jeffrey B. Goodman Special Care Clinic and ask them if they resent Pallotta's driving a nice car--or if it would have been better if he'd stayed a singer, or applied his monumental energy, creativity and drive to some commercial venture.

Ray Ivey

West Hollywood

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