Councilman Finds Ways to Save Money

Looking for ways to balance the city budget, a Moorpark city councilman has suggested eliminating the Planning Commission.

The city could also save about $500 a month by asking park and recreation commissioners to serve without pay, Councilman Chris Evans said at the council meeting on Wednesday.

Evans said council members could even forgo their own pay. "I have no problem giving up the $300 a month," he said.

The council won't approve a final budget until next month. Hurt by the loss of $600,000 in annual park assessments eliminated by voters last fall,the city plans to dip into reserves to balance the budget.

Evans, however, would like to make additional cuts to minimize the use of reserve funds.

"Let's be good business people and plan two or three years out, rather than reacting to the plan right now," Evans said.

Evans suggested the council take over responsibilities, such as approval of small development proposals, now handled by planning commissioners.

"I think it's an intriguing thought and definitely worth further consideration," said Councilwoman Debbie Teasley.

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