NAILING IT: Lilith Fair's female fans will be able to take the tour's empowerment message right down to their fingertips. One of the official sponsoring items that will be on sale at the event, including Saturday's show at the Rose Bowl, is Goddess Color Therapy Nail Potion, with hues named for "historical goddesses" and statements of affirmation printed on the back of each bottle. The color invoking the goddess Lilith, for example, is a frosted dark brown, with the affirmation, "I have faith in my own strength."

Says a press release from Beverly Hills-based Goddess Designs Inc.: "Each time a woman looks at her nails, she remembers the statement that declares her self-worth regardless of her exterior looks, financial status or current love relationship."

What next? A line summoning darker powers for Ozzy Osbourne's Ozzfest?

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