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What: http://www.france98.com

Attention, all Cup-aholics: While ESPN and ABC are providing hundreds of hours of World Cup coverage, around-the-clock World Cup news with enough information and detail to satisfy any soccer appetite is only a click away thanks to the information superhighway.

The official Web site of the World Cup, www.france98.com is loaded with everything a soccer World Cup fan would ever need to know. Containing both English and French versions, www.france98.com has the obvious--scores, headlines and team pages, as well as game-in-progress updates. But that's only the beginning.

When you log on to the site, it looks like information overload. Pictures, headlines, game results and updates, breaking news, a countdown to the final match, a goal counter, and a side menu all come up on the home page.

Then there's the "Best of the Rest" section. This is where the site's superiority becomes obvious. Want to hear the World Cup anthem? It's there. Want to hear cup news in six different languages? It's there. How about the night life in any of the host cities? Yes, it's there too. Screen savers, weather reports, virtual looks at the stadiums, referees, press releases and and chat rooms are all there.

And for those upset about a team's performance or looking to offer strategy tips to coaches, www.france98.com allows people to e-mail any team competing in the World Cup.

There is also tourism information, a place to see each team's uniform and a photo album.

And, in this day of commercialization, there is even a souvenir shop. Things from glasses and tablecloths to penalty towels and jewelry can be purchased through www.france98.com so Cup-aholics can keep the World Cup alive well beyond its conclusion.

This site is headers and shoulders above any others offering World Cup coverage.

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