The Beer God Is Lacking in Comedic Talent

Advertiser: Genesee Brewing Co.

Agency: Ground Zero, Santa Monica

Challenge: Find a distinctive voice for Genesee that helps it stand apart from more heavily advertised brands.

The Ads: In TV spots, a stone Tiki-like "Beer God" imparts threats and advice while pitching Honey Brown Lager. In an ad geared for the Fourth of July, Beer God warns of a 90% chance of precipitation if people drink other brands. (These's only a 9% chance if people choose Honey Brown Lager.) In another spot, Beer God promises that Honey Brown Lager drinkers will be rewarded. "Your grass will grow greener and there will be many mules in your barn." Each spot ends with an allusion to the great and powerful Oz: "The Beer God has spoken."

Comment: Beer God seems to have a lot of talents, but being funny isn't one of them. Beer God needs to work on his lines. The guttural Charlie Chan-type accent used for Beer God is annoying. $$

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