Rack 'Em

The next time you need a battery for a toy, flashlight or portable radio, look no further than a battery rack from the Container Store.

The rack (about $15) holds 20 batteries--sizes C, D, AA, AAA or 9-volt--for smoke detectors, toys and small appliances.

It has a built-in battery tester, and "charged" and "discharged" labels for marking batteries. It's small enough to fit in a drawer, or it can be mounted on a wall with the included hardware.

The Container Store is at Metro Pointe, 901-G South Coast Drive, Costa Mesa, (800) 786-7315.

Stir Crazy

Shake up your beach party with iced beverages, such as smoothies, malts and other delights, using the portable PartyMate Drinkmaker from Black & Decker.

The cordless appliance (about $60) is powered by the company's rechargeable battery system, which provides enough running time to make as much as 3 gallons of crushed-ice beverages.

The drink-maker has a water-resistant exterior with a sealed pulse button, stainless steel blades, a tethered lid and a lightweight, shatterproof jar--making it ideal to use not only at the beach, but also around the pool, at a barbecue, on a boat or even on a mountaintop.

The drink-maker comes with two VersaPak battery sticks and a rechargeable base.

Available at most department stores.

Stick 'Em Up

Round up your favorite meat and vegetables with whimsical skewers featuring barnyard animals.

The skewers, by Sitlax, are topped with brass ornaments featuring roosters, ducks, sheep, cows, pigs or fish.

They are made of stainless steel, which helps the food glide off the stick.

They are available in sets of six for about $11 at Williams-Sonoma at South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa.

For more information, call (718) 728-4892.

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