Motherhood Today? Get Real

“Moms Have More Fun” (SoCal Style, May 10), featuring an immaculate mother and child, should have carried these warnings: Do not try to replicate this look at home. Children are not accessories. Your child will never be this clean. Mothers who spend any amount of time with their children do not dress like this.

Monica Varah


Perhaps a stay-at-home mother of three young children shouldn’t question the hipness and creativity of your talented staff, but I wonder if a more appropriate headline might have been: “Get off my lap, kid, you’re creasing my Donna Karan.”

Are we really supposed to believe your model is of the motherly persuasion when her detachment to “her” toddler is so obvious. No playful chasing, cuddling or even concern was captured on film, making me wonder what kind of “fun” your team had in mind for the Mother’s Day fashion shoot.

Oh, and “untie those apron strings": What kind of outdated phrase is that? “Kick off those Keds,” maybe, but let’s move to the ‘90s and discard those old notions of what motherhood involves.

Sandra Van Oyen

Yorba Linda