Pint-Sized Punch Lines

* What is a ghost’s favorite song? “America the Boo-tiful.” (Alexa Shaw, 6, Camarillo, Santa Rosa Elementary)

* What kind of songs do planets like to sing? Neptunes. (Zachary C. Tan, 8, Alhambra, Fremont School)

* What animal keeps the best time? A watch dog. (Stephanie Picker, 9, Torrance, Hickory Elementary)

* Why did the girl sit on her watch? Because she wanted to be on time. (Elizabeth Claxton, 9, Norco, Sierra Vista Elementary)


* Why did the farmer’s wife take thread into the barn? To thread the needle in the haystack. (Robert Garcia, 9, Los Angeles, Miramonte Elementary)

* How do small people travel? In a minivan. (Nathan S. Frank, 3, Costa Mesa, Early Childhood Lab)

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