Project Makes Scout Eligible for Honor

In his bid to join American notables such as Neil Armstrong in the registers of Eagle Scouts, Matthew Winmill recently completed a restoration of the Rancho Camulos that will make him eligible to receive the Scouts' highest rank.

The 17-year-old senior at Fillmore High School spent more than 200 hours planning and directing 20 volunteers in putting a new face on the 159-year-old ranch and cemetery by erecting a fence around it.

Located in the Santa Clara River Valley about halfway between Ventura and Santa Clarita, the ranch began with a Spanish land grant to the Del Valle family in 1839.

The Del Valles lived on the site until 1924, when August Rubel, father of the present owner, Shirley Lorenz, purchased the ranch.

In recent years, Lorenz and her daughter, Ann Reinders, have worked to repair the site and restore its historical value.

Rancho Camulos was recently listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Matthew got involved after his pastor encouraged him to undertake the ambitious project.

Matthew's Eagle Scout application will be reviewed Wednesday and he is expected to receive his new rank during the next two months.

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