Shucks, the Hard Way

In every sport, the athletes look as if they're trying to accomplish some practical aim which isn't actually the point. That's why people didn't stop having footraces when the car was invented, or stop high-jumping when they dreamed up the stepladder. Keep this in mind as you learn that Quebec oyster-shucking champion Marc Bardier plans to attempt a Guinness record in shucking oysters behind his back. He's aiming for 100 in 30 minutes.

A Piercing Thing?

In Nairobi last week, a Kenyan doctor removed a bean stuck in the ear of a young girl. When her parents said they couldn't afford the bill, he forced it back, local newspapers reported Wednesday.

For the Bouquet

Riedel, the company that makes wine glasses individually shaped to flatter the aroma of particular wines, has announced a crystal martini glass. And probably a very good one, but it's shaped like every other martini glass in the world. (On the other hand, it's only $18.95; Riedel has been making a double-sized martini glass for years for $57.50.)

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