Pint-Sized Punch Lines

* Why is there a fence around the cemetery? Because people are dying to get in! (Angelica Malik, 8, Lancaster, Sunnydale School)

* There was a man walking down the street with a lion on a leash. A policeman asked the man where he was going with the lion and the man replied: "I'm taking him to the zoo!" The next day the policeman saw the same man with the lion and said, "I thought you took that lion to the zoo." The man replied, "I did. Now we're going to the movies." (Matt Rewald, 8, West Los Angeles, St. Joan of Arc)

* What is the color of a belch? Burple! (Allie Haas, 9, Scituate, Mass., Hatherly Elementary)

* What do you call petroleum that burps? Crude oil. (Andrew Reed, 12, Long Beach, Rogers Middle School)


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