Lyme Disease Symptoms

Re "Sufferers Feel Vindicated by Proof of Lyme-Carrying Tick," Feb. 21.

The recent Lyme disease articles have focused mainly on an infected deer tick found on a mountain trail. As stated in an interview with a Times reporter, I was bitten by an infected deer tick in my backyard in Chatsworth. My physician was well-informed and followed protocol for diagnosis and treatment, so I was on medication immediately. I consider myself very fortunate.

My concern is for children who are exposed to infected ticks while playing in their own yards or in Valley parks. Most children would be unable to find words to express the symptoms they felt to a parent or physician, and if they could, the symptoms of Lyme disease would sound so bizarre that it would be difficult for a parent or physician to understand what the child was trying to convey.

Your articles have made hikers and parents aware of the precautions to be taken when on the trails. For that the staff should be commended. However if parents could be educated or made aware that by inspecting their children regularly for an embedded tick or the bull's-eye rash it could prevent many children the pain and suffering that only a Lyme disease victim can understand. Thank you for bringing the issue of Lyme disease to the public's attention.



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