Pint-Sized Punch Lines

* What is a frog's favorite dining-out place? IHOP. (Allison Cole, 10, Pico Rivera, Valencia Elementary)

* What did the washer ask the dryer? "Do you want to go for a spin?" (Brooke Stoebe, 8, Pedley, Chestera W. Morrison School)

* What has arms but can't hug you? A chair. (Franklin Weeks, 11, Palmdale, Oak Tree Learning Center)

* What's the fruitiest stone you can find? A limestone. (Berenice Vega, 11, Fontana, Truman Middle School)

* Where do lambs like to sit when they ride in a car? In the baaack seat. (Alexandra Greenberg, 7, San Diego, Ecole Francaise)

* What is a bug's favorite ballgame? Cricket. (Michael Macias, 10, Rosemead, Miraculous Medal Parish School)


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