Workshop Explores City's 1998-99 Goals

Residents may eventually be able to use credit and debit cards to pay bills and fees at City Hall, and they will soon be able to research government codes and minutes on the Internet.

Teenagers probably will be asked what the city can do for them, and technological improvements may make life easier for anyone who has to deal with the city's building and planning departments.

Those were just some of the goals presented at a workshop this week as City Hall employees gear up for the annual springtime budget planning.

Financing of the proposed projects will be unveiled later in the season, as City Council members prepare to vote on a budget for the 1998-99 fiscal year in May. This year's budget was about $50.5 million.

Some projects, such as a widening of The City Drive to accommodate the 800,000-square-foot CityMills mall, will begin soon.

"It's the most activity and change I have seen in the city since I've been on the council," said Councilman Mark Murphy, who is completing his first four-year term. "It's nice to see Orange in a more progressive mode."

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