Career Conference for Women Scheduled

The Cal State Northridge Career Center and the Los Angeles Times are hosting a "Career Conference for Women" on Saturday at the Universal Hilton.

The second annual conference seeks to inspire women through a series of workshops on topics ranging from changing careers to pursuing entrepreneurship.

Unlike last year, the conference will focus more on professional skills and career strategy and less on issues such as juggling career and family and handling stress.

Participants will be assembled into special strategy teams which work on problem-solving skills during the conference, said Adele Scheele, director of the career center.

"I can't stress how important it is to make connections," said Scheele. "Everyone here will be looking to improve their situation and they need to realize they can help each other out a great deal. It's a team effort."

The speakers include Erin Gray, a nationally certified career counselor; Kimberly Stansell, an entrepreneurial author, trainer and founder of Research Done Write, and Leslie Godwin, owner of Parent Support Services.

The seminar will end with a workshop on setting goals led by trained counselors from CSUN, the JVS Career Counselors and the Los Angeles Times.

For more information about the career programs offered at CSUN, call the center at (818) 677-2878.

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