Callers Can Vote on Arts Plaza Neighbor

Thousand Oaks residents will have two weeks to tell the city--by phone--just what they want to see built on the 10-acre parcel east of the Civic Arts Plaza.

By Wednesday residents can call one of four numbers to register their preference among four land-use options. The call-in period ends April 8.

The most basic option calls for construction of a museum with a cafe and museum store, science park, police substation, park restroom and restaurant-comedy club. Call 371-4477 to choose this option.

Three other options would add further developments:

* A large Imax-like theater and restaurant. Call 371-4488.

* The theater, restaurant, a specialty shop and increased space for the cafe. Call 371-4882.

* All of the above, with conference and catering centers added. Call 371-4883.

"The ability for residents to call in and note their preference for this site enables the initiation of essentially an electronic Town Hall process in our community," said Councilman Andy Fox.

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