Six Flags Rises to Challenge With New Campaign

Advertiser: Six Flags Theme Parks

Agency: Grey Advertising, New York

Challenge: Move away from discount-driven messages to position Six Flags amusement parks as the destination for thrills and excitement.

The Ads: In four television spots, guys accept the challenge posed by thrill rides. In one commercial, a twentysomething guy is seen running away, in slow motion, from a roller coaster to the theme from "Chariots of Fire." As he nears a garbage can, he raises his hands in apparent victory, then shoves his head inside to vomit. "Another satisfied customer," the voice-over announces. Another commercial opens in a shoe store, where a midget tries on shoes. When he requests "something in a heel," he's shown a pair of red women's pumps. The scene switches to Six Flags, where the midget meets the height requirement for a thrill ride, thanks to his fancy new shoes. Each spot ends with the challenge: "You in or you out?"

Comment: Who hasn't felt the need to climb aboard a scary thrill ride to prove he isn't scared? These ads capture that sensation perfectly, with absurdly clever sight gags that are all in good fun. $$$$

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