Fox on the Field

Rupert Murdoch, with his Fox Group, just bought the Dodgers for a whopping $311 million. While we mourn the loss of a family-owned baseball team (yeah, yeah), we also look forward to a breath of fresh air. The Dodgers have been, frankly, a tad dated in those white-and-blue uniforms. Mr. Murdoch, if you want L.A. fans to stay through all nine innings, it's time for a fashion make-over.

The Aussie Look

After all those news conferences, we now know Aussies dress in blue suits and white shirts, but we're really still in love with Crocodile Dundee. Blame it on the '80s, mate. Just give us khakis, a bush hat and that carefree yet manly stance, Illustrations by Mona Shafer Edwards

The Luke Perry Look

He left "Beverly Hills 90210" seasons ago, and it hasn't been the same since. Bring back bad boy Luke Perry, sporting a black leather jacket with white stitching, black motorcycle boots, black pants and a baseball cap, worn backward, of course, Illustrations by Mona Shafer Edwards

The Fabio Look

It's a chance to go Fabio-lous! Rupert, baby, this is L.A.! There've got to be a zillion actor/model/ballplayers out there. May we suggest a buff bod swathed in tight spandex pants, a pirate shirt (not to be confused with a Pirates shirt), boots and a Fabio-licious do. If you won't buy the concept, at least outlaw those silly mustaches and bad shags your players are so famous for

The Heather Locklear Look

And, finally, if it's a Fox production, it must have Heather Locklear. Who are we to argue? Aaron Spelling even let this "Melrose Place" supervixen continue vamping, preggers and all. Boys in blue, get ready to play the field with our favorite Foxy blond, Illustrations by Mona Shafer Edwards

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