Oscar Reasons Don't Make Sense to Readers

I continue to be disappointed by the news media's, especially television's, focus on sex, death and tragedy. Although the L.A. Times has made recent changes that I believe make the paper less informative, I was still shocked by Jim Shea's article "Men Have Their Reasons for Watching the Oscars" (March 23).

In the guise of humor, the author states that men only care about one thing and that it is acceptable to view the female actors from that one perspective. In the context of recent efforts by many to create an environment that is free from harassment and this sort of attitude, I am surprised the L.A. Times views this an acceptable article. Humor does wonders for helping us relax and enjoy life, but not when it is at the expense of degrading others.


Los Angeles


Really! What did you have in mind by publishing the article by Jim Shea? And in the Health section? I can see it in the Sports section along with the reviews of the swimsuit issues and ads for penile enlargement and mud wrestling. But Health? And stereotyping all males as being interested in the Academy Awards only for breasts?

It's not really funny. I can't see how a woman would find it funny except as a put-down of guys. And even some of us guys find it condescending. You don't need to stoop to juvenilia.


Biology department, UCLA

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