‘All My Children’ Tops Daytime Emmys


“All My Children” was named best drama series and picked up five other trophies to emerge as the most honored program at the 25th annual Daytime Emmy Awards.

It was the fifth year in a row that an ABC program has won as best soap opera, following three consecutive wins for “General Hospital” and “All My Children’s” previous victory in 1994. In ceremonies May 9 and Friday night, ABC walked away with 14 Emmys, compared to nine for daytime ratings leader CBS and one for NBC. PBS captured 13, including awards for its children’s series “Sesame Street,” “Reading Rainbow” and “Arthur.”

In addition to its Emmy as best drama, “All My Children” picked up awards for writing, supporting actress (Julia Barr), makeup, editing and sound mixing.


The awards, covering the period from Feb. 6 through Dec. 31, 1997, were handed out by the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences in cooperation with the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. Here is the complete list of winners:

Drama series: “All My Children,” ABC.

Talk show: “The Rosie O’Donnell Show,” syn.

Game/audience participation show: “Jeopardy!,” syn.

Preschool children’s series: “Sesame Street,” PBS.

Children’s special: “In His Father’s Shoes,” Showtime.

Children’s animated program: “Arthur,” PBS.

Animated program (special class): “The New Batman/Superman Adventures,” WB.

Children’s series: “Reading Rainbow,” PBS.

Service show: “The Pet Department,” FX.

Special class program: “1997 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade,” NBC.

Lead actress, drama series: Cynthia Watros (as Annie Dutton), “Guiding Light,” CBS.

Lead actor, drama series: Eric Braeden (as Victor Newman), “The Young & the Restless,” CBS.

Supporting actress, drama series: Julia Barr (as Brooke English), “All My Children,” ABC.

Supporting actor, drama series: Steve Burton (as Jason Morgan), “General Hospital,” ABC.

Younger actress, drama series: Sarah Brown (as Carly Roberts), “General Hospital,” ABC.

Younger actor, drama series: Jonathan Jackson (as Lucky Spencer), “General Hospital,” ABC.

Talk-show host: Oprah Winfrey, “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” syn.; Rosie O’Donnell, “The Rosie O’Donnell Show,” syn.

Performer, children’s special: Robert Ri’chard, “In His Father’s Shoes,” Showtime.

Performer, animated program: Louie Anderson, “Life With Louie,” Fox.

Game-show host: Pat Sajak, “Wheel of Fortune,” syn.

Service-show host: Steve Thomas, “This Old House,” PBS.

Performer, children’s series: Bill Nye, “Bill Nye the Science Guy,” syn.

Directing team, drama series: Heather H. Hill, Mike Denney, Kathryn Foster, Sally McDonald, Betty Rothenberg, Dan Brumett, Noel Maxam, Randall Hill, Don Jacob, “The Young & The Restless,” CBS.

Directing, game/audience participation show: Dennis Rosenblatt, “Win Ben Stein’s Money,” Comedy.

Directing, talk show: Mark Gentile, “The View,” ABC.

Directing, service show: Anthony Tocci, Brook Altman, “Martha Stewart Living,” syn.

Directing, children’s series: Lisa Simon, Ted May, Emily Squires, “Sesame Street,” PBS.

Directing, children’s special: Carlyle Kyzer, Greg Poschman, Krysia Carter-Giez, “Letters From Africa,” Disney.

Directing, special class: Gary Halvorson, Alan Carter, “A Magical Walt Disney World Christmas,” ABC.

Writing team, drama series: Agnes Nixon, Lorraine Broderick, Hal Corley, Frederick Johnson, Jeff Beldner Christina Covino, Peggy Sloane, Victor Miller, Craig Carlson, Karen L. Lewis, Michelle Patrick, Bettina F. Bradbury, Judith Donato, Kathleen Klein, Caroline Franz, Jane Owen Murphy, Charlotte Gibson, “All My Children,” ABC.

Writing, children’s series: Erren Gottlieb, James McKenna, Bill Nye, Michael Gross, Darrell Suto, Scott Schaefer, Kit Boss, Lynne Brunell, Michael Pelleschi, Ian Saunders, Simon Griffith, “Bill Nye the Science Guy,” syn.; Molly Boylan, Lou Berger, Sara Compton, Annie Evans, Christine Ferraro, Judy Freudberg, Tony Geiss, Ian Ellis James, Emily Perl Kingsley, David Korr, Sonia Manzano, Joey Mazzarino, Jeff Moss, Cathi R. Turow, Adam Rudman, Nancy Sans, Luis Santeiro, Josh Selig, Belinda Ward, John Weidman, Mo Willems, “Sesame Street,” PBS.

Writing, children’s special: Bruce Harmon, “The Royale,” AMC.

Writing, special class: Doug Armstrong, Jonathan Barry, Lou Dimaggio, Carla Kaufman, “Win Ben Stein’s Money,” Comedy.

Art direction/set decoration/scenic design: Chris Henry, Doug Leonard, Barry Phillips, Gretchen Goetz, “Wishbone,” PBS.

Technical direction/electronic camera/video control: Rene M. Butler, Nicholas J. Besink, Adam T. Keith, Carlos Rios, Jodi Dresch, Eric L. Kendra, Russell Fortier, Frank J. Cocchia, Eric Johnson, Reggie Drakeford, “The View,” ABC.

Single-camera photography: Bill Corona, “Yan Can Cook,” PBS.

Music direction and composition: Richard Stone, Steve Bernstein, Julie Bernstein, Gordon Goodwin, “Animaniacs,” WB.

Original song: Brian Lasser for “Hold Me,” “Guiding Light,” CBS.

Graphics and title design: Caris Palm Turpen, Jeff Hayes, “Wishbone,” PBS.

Makeup: Mariella Smith-Masters, Cindy Gardner, Cindy Mudd Lindberg, “The Rosie O’Donnell Show,” syn.

Hairstyling: Marque, Deidre Flaharty, Bryant Renfro, “The View,” ABC.

Multiple-camera editing: John Strolla, Mike Mabbott, Joseph Puglise, Tim Drover, Rich Mikan, Neil Coleman, “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” syn.

Live and direct-to-tape sound mixing: Lee Murphy, Gary Silver, Judy Karp, Paul Cote, “Reading Rainbow,” PBS.

Single-camera editing: Felicity Oram, John Ruel, Darrell Suto, Michael Gross, “Bill Nye the Science Guy,” syn.

Sound editing: Dave Howe, Thomas McGurk, Mike McAuliffe, “Bill Nye the Science Guy,” syn.

Sound editing, special class: Timothy J. Borquez, Fredrick Hammel, Tom Syslo, Leslie Earl Wolf Jr., Eric Freeman, Marc Mailand, “Angry Beavers,” Nickelodeon.

Sound mixing: Dave Howe, Thomas McGurk, Mike McAuliffe, Bob O’Hern, Resti Bagcal, Marion Smith, “Bill Nye the Science Guy,” syn.

Sound mixing, special class: Richard Maitland, Blake Norton, “Sesame Street,” PBS.

Lighting direction: Deke Hazirjian, Chuck Noble, “Where in Time Is Carmen Sandiego?” PBS.

Costume design/styling: Stephen Chudej, “Wishbone,” PBS.

Art direction/set decoration/scenic design, drama series: Bill Hultstrom, David Hoffman, Joe Bevacqua, Fred Cooper, Andrea Joel, “The Young & the Restless,” CBS.

Technical direction/electronic camera/video control, drama series: Janice Bendiksen, Donna Stock, Jim Dray, John Bromberek, Dean Lamont, Tracy J. Lawrence, Sheldon Mooney, Roberto Bosio, Scha Jani, “The Young & the Restless,” CBS.

Music direction and composition, drama series: Barbara Miller-Gidaly, Robyn Cutler, Brian D. Siewert, Ron Cohen, Richard Hazard, Barry Devorzon, Michael Licari, Rick Rhodes, Chieli Minucci, James Elliot Lawrence, John Henry, Wes Boatman, “Guiding Light,” CBS.

Makeup, drama series: Marianne Skiba, Leslie Shreve, Robin Kaiser, Jane Di Persio, “All My Children,” ABC.

Hairstyling, drama series: Kathy Weltman, Carlos Pelz, “The Bold & the Beautiful,” CBS.

Multiple-camera editing, drama series: Stephen Cali, John Tumino, Jacob Hierl, Roger Haenelt, Nat Rogers, “All My Children,” ABC.

Live and direct-to-tape sound mixing, drama series: Dominick Maldari, Chuck Eisen, Ashley Howe, Dick roes, Roy Carch, R.T. Smith, Robert Prescott, David Smith, Robert Cardelli, Glen Heil, Mel Jackson, Dino Santoro, Vince Senatore, Stanley Talarek, Ed Raab, “All My Children,” ABC.

Lighting direction, drama series: Tony Girolami, Brian W. McRae, “Guiding Light,” CBS.

Costume design, drama series: Bob Miller, Steven E. Howard, Nancy L. Konrardy, “General Hospital,” ABC.

Achievement in animation: Clyde Klotz, “Beast Wars,” syn; Craig Kemplin, “Disney’s 101 Dalmatians: The Series,” ABC.

Lifetime achievement: Oprah Winfrey.