Jerrie Cobb

* I am appalled to find such sexism rampant as is exhibited by your coverage of John Glenn, in contrast with the Oct. 29 article on Jerrie Cobb. That you can call this man a hero and glorify his actions in light of how he effectively campaigned to keep Cobb and other women out of the space program is beyond me. Not to mention his involvement with the Keating Five.

Cobb is the real hero--a woman who fought against the odds and when faced with disappointment became a missionary pilot.




Re "Adrift in the Heavens, Glenn Reasserts Faith in God," Nov. 2:

Thank you, John Glenn, for publicly reaffirming your belief in God. Our beautiful planet Earth was created by an awesome God indeed. For it is written in the Bible, "The heavens and earth proclaim his handiwork." Such good news in a bad-news world!




Regarding Glennmania: The many unpublicized billion-dollar shuttle flights of the past 10 years have, in the words of experts in the field, "Yielded alarmingly minimal scientific information." Glenn is a true American hero, but to say he deserved another shot in space at a cost of another billion taxpayer dollars is ludicrous.

Glenn might best serve America now by discouraging NASA from scheduling further similar flights altogether. The billions saved could be earmarked for better medical attention and worthy housing for the many thousands of his forgotten geriatric peers here on Earth.


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