Lavin Unsure of Lineup as Opener Draws Closer

Four days before the season opener against Santa Clara, Coach Steve Lavin remains unsure about who will start for the Bruins. Guards Baron Davis and Rico Hines might not be healthy enough to play. A handful of newcomers must be sorted out and put in place.

“Each day, you see a different potential lineup,” Lavin said Thursday after UCLA’s exhibition victory over the Taiwan national team. “We can go big, we can go small.”

One thing is for certain: When the Bruins go big, they’ll go with 6-foot-10 1/2 Jerome Moiso and 6-foot-10 Dan Gadzuric. The freshmen seemed to complement each other nicely in the Taiwan game.

At a svelte-looking 230 pounds, Moiso showed flashes of quickness and a preference for playing outside. At 245 pounds, Gadzuric pounded close to the basket for 11 points and nine rebounds.


“It’s a good combination between him and me,” Gadzuric said. “He has has good touch and I like going up strong. We help each other out.”

When the Bruins turn to a small lineup--and when all the players are sound--they will probably start forwards Matt Barnes and Travis Reed with guards Davis, Earl Watson and Ryan Bailey.

Lavin calls it his “posse unit,” a group that specializes in the full-court press.

“You can really turn up the heat,” Lavin said.