DWP Deregulation

Re “DWP Chief Says Deregulation Could Spell Ruin,” Nov. 23:

The general manager of the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power has proposed to the charter commissions that DWP be set up as a private company with an appointed board. He predicted bankruptcy if this is not done.

We brought in the general manager to save DWP from bankruptcy. He was given authority to lay off employees, reorganize, sell power, etc. by the mayor and City Council.

No one knows whether the DWP can survive in a deregulated environment. If the power side of DWP cannot survive in deregulation, then the city should split up the power and water sides and auction the power side to the highest bidder. Hopefully, the proceeds would pay off the $7 billion debt.


The general manager may prefer to run a private company, but he should concentrate on trying to save DWP from bankruptcy.