The Latest Toys for High-Tech Trendsetters

Whoever said getting back to nature had to mean leaving modern technology behind? One of the newest gadgets for outdoorsmen of all types is Blazer12, a global positioning system device that will lead you back to your favorite trail head, campsite or fishing spot.

The unit--about the size of a TV remote control with a thick antenna--uses a constellation of 24 military satellites to keep track of precise locations on the ground. Simply hit the "Mark" key at a place worth returning to. When you're ready to go back, hit the "Goto" button and an arrow on the display screen will point the way.

Blazer12 also keeps track of speed, heading, bearing and distance traveled and can even calculate the time remaining until you reach your destination.

About 40,000 units have been sold since Blazer12 came on the market in July, said Don Meyer, a spokesman for Magellan Corp., the San Dimas firm that makes the device. Blazer12 carries a suggested retail price of $120.

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