Council to Consider How to Fill Vacancy

With the election of Councilman Bill Davis as mayor, the City Council tonight will consider how to fill Davis’ seat.

“The first thing I’ll bring up is whether the council wants to appoint [a member to fill the final two years of Davis’ term] or go to a special election,” said Davis, who will be sworn in to his new position tonight. “I would hope we’ll be able to appoint a fifth member.”

Davis said he hopes the appointment of his replacement will take place as quickly as possible so the council will not have to face possible split votes.

“Two to two is ‘no,’ ” Davis said. “I don’t like decisions being made on a four-person council.”


Councilman Paul Miller, who received the most votes in this year’s election, will be sworn in for his second term, and Glen Becerra will take his first oath of office.

“I’m very satisfied about the progress that has been made in the last four years,” Miller said. “We do have some challenges ahead of us.”

A short list of issues includes high ground-water near Sutter Avenue, creation of a homelessness task force and how 36 acres near City Hall owned by the Simi Valley Unified School District should be used.

Davis said that his role as the council’s leader will alter the dynamics of its meetings.


“My style will just be my style,” he said, describing himself as not quite as formal as outgoing Mayor Greg Stratton.

“I kind of like meetings to run a little looser than most people,” Davis said. “I would hope we’ll enjoy what we’re doing, and that it shows to the public.”