Revlon Hopes New Model Is a Real Plus


Move over Halle, Cindy, Salma and Melanie.

There’s a new girl in Revlonland--and she’s a size 14, sometimes 16. And the mono-monikered Emme means big business--in more ways than one--to Revlon, as the first plus-size celeb to promote its products.

“It’s nice that Revlon sees that beauty is very accessible to each and every woman out there,” said Emme, about her spokesmodel gig, which begins next year.

She said the cosmetics company’s current spokeswomen have reached the Latina and older-women markets, so it was a no-brainer that plus-size women would soon follow.


“It makes perfect sense that Revlon wanted to sign someone else” like herself to help the company in its mission to redefine American beauty for women of all sizes.

Emme, host of E! Entertainment Television’s “Fashion Emergency” series and author of “True Beauty” (G.P. Putnam’s Sons, 1997), said she is looking forward to the job-- not only as a model, but also as a role model, especially for young girls. She often lectures youths on body image and self-esteem issues and is on the boards of various eating disorder groups.

“It’s really true about size and that we’ve definitely put a lot of emphasis on being thin. It’s important to be healthy and fit, but there is also a lot of beauty in someone who is medium-sized and large-sized,” she said.

“We all have very different visions of beauty, and it’s time to include all the different varieties of beauty out there. It’s healthy to do that. There has to be beauty in every skin color and in every body size.”