Smart Aleck

The question Aug. 23: There has been some criticism of the army of pundits used on television news to comment on major events. How would you present an event like President Clinton's speech on Monday [about his relationship with Monica Lewinsky]?


President Clinton should've made his apology in a confessional to a priest. Everyone is so interested in his personal life, this would give them a real thrill.

Karrie Hyatt



I would present an event like the president's speech during a complete power failure at the White House.

Bill Welsh

Thousand Oaks


I would have Bill Clinton go on television and sing the Brenda Lee hit song, "I'm sorry. . . . So sorry. . . . Please accept my aaaapology."

Sharon Karp

Los Angeles


I would use Pinocchio inside Fantasy Land.

Greg Zaret

Mission Viejo


I would have included an opinion poll phone number, so President Clinton would have known first-hand our feelings on the subject.

Greg Clark

Van Nuys

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