English Immersion

* Re "The Mystery of Model B," by Robert Jones, Aug. 16: The purpose of this response is to set the record straight regarding structured English immersion in the Los Angeles Unified School District.

LAUSD has complied with the law by providing structured English Immersion Model B. This model is what most districts in California are offering as their structured English immersion program. Model B offers an English-language instructional program primarily or as the initiative states, "overwhelmingly" in English. The primary language of the pupil is used, as needed, to develop background or provide context for learning in English.

LAUSD has gone one step further than other school districts and provided the structured English Immersion Model A. This model is more restrictive than Proposition 227 requires, but we offer it because it matches some parents' beliefs about how their children learn best. Model A is an English-language instructional program all in English, not just overwhelmingly or primarily. Model A allows the restricted use of the child's primary language usually provided by a para-educator.

By creating two models we have responded to our parents and community and provided them with a choice. Jones missed the whole point perhaps by not getting enough information.



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