Roadwork Detours Schoolchildren

Some students at Balboa Middle School and Mound elementary on Hill Road have been forced to take a daily detour since school began because of construction delays at a nearby housing development.

A utility company snafu has slowed construction of the Beazer Home project, said Betsy Cooper, the city's construction contract administrator.

The developer has ripped up the sidewalk and closed bike and traffic lanes along the south side of Telegraph Road, from Hoover Avenue to Hill Road. But Beazer has paid for several measures to ensure the students' safety until construction concludes, expected by Sept. 30.

The company has painted temporary crosswalk stripes across Telegraph Road at Hoover, where there is no traffic light. Beazer also pays to have a crossing guard from the Ventura Police Department escort students across the intersection before and after school.

Signs marking the sidewalk closure and new crosswalk were posted, and push-buttons were installed on the signals at the Telegraph and Hill intersection.

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