Grant Will Increase Policing of Alcohol

The Oxnard Police Department will use a $70,000 grant to fund alcohol-related enforcement efforts, including sting operations in which minors try to buy alcohol from merchants.

The City Council approved a resolution Tuesday by Police Chief John Crombach to extend the city's participation in a program funded by the state Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control to reduce problems associated with alcohol.

Besides funding sting operations, the money will be used to increase inspections of establishments that sell alcohol and to educate merchants who sell alcohol. The goal is to reduce alcohol- and drug-related police calls by 20%.

Half of all arrests in the city last year were alcohol- or drug-related, according to state officials. Crombach said the grant will also enhance officers' enforcement efforts through prevention and education.

The department, for example, will use grant funds, in conjunction with the Responsible Hospitality Institute, to organize local hospitality businesses. Police will also help develop operating standards, training programs and self-monitoring procedures for alcohol merchants.

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