A Hybrid Happening for Hoofers

Hey, discoids, if the night fever makes you wanna shake your groove thing or just boogie oogie oogie, Rudolpho's in Silver Lake is, well, turning the '70s beat around.

Here, disco--which continues to survive--has fused with swing, which has fused with salsa for a unique dance trend hybrid that was bound to happen: 1970s New York-style salsa swing.

The club-restaurant-performance venue--a funkytown fave among celebs, locals and Silver Lake wannabes--has introduced the latest hoofing craze, best described as jive dancing with a jalapeno twist.

But those making the scene also come to be seen in the salsa-swing fashion fusion that unfolds every Thursday night: beige linen suits and white hats on men; frilly cha-cha tops and full stiletto heels on women.

Still, it's the dancing--and deejay Willie "Mr. Aries" Bracero's mixes--that packs 'em in, because it don't mean a thing if you ain't got that salsa swing.


Rudolpho's is at 2500 Riverside Drive, Silver Lake. For more information, call (213) 669-1226.

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