TJ for Your TMJ

Reupholstering your Chevy in Tijuana is one thing, but going there for oral surgery? "I know it sounds bad, but I love my dentist down there," says Chris Kraus, a local writer who's made several periodontal pilgrimages to the city more famous for its jai alai than dental work. She recently underwent a root canal and had three crowns--all for a modest $1,000. When you compare that to the $6,000 the same work could have cost her in Los Angeles, it's no wonder that TJ now has a section known as "Dentist Town," mostly catering to uninsured Americans. Dr. Eduardo Angeles Luna, Kraus' dentist, estimates that one-third of his patients are from Southern California, with others coming from as far away as Alaska. "Why would anyone want to spend all their money on a dentist there when they can get what they need right here?" asks Luna. "Plus, we have excellent discotheques and very nice lobster."

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