Compton Teacher Jailed for Violating Probation

Shannon Barron, the former Compton schoolteacher who made national headlines when she accused students of dousing her with excrement, was sentenced Monday to 120 days in jail for violating the conditions of her probation.

Municipal Judge Ellen Deshazer jailed Barron on Monday after hearing that the former teacher failed to attend two work sessions with Caltrans as required by the terms of her sentence.

A jury found Barron guilty in June of filing a false police report when she alleged last year that students at Dominguez High School drenched her with human urine and feces. A police investigation found no excrement stains on her blouse, only some on and inside her jeans.

Barron was sentenced to a four-month suspended jail term, a year of probation, 90 days of electronic monitoring and 12 Saturdays working with a Caltrans highway transportation crew.

On Monday, Deshazer imposed the full four-month jail sentence when she heard that Barron skipped her first scheduled workday with Caltrans and then missed another after she told her Caltrans supervisor that she was pregnant, according to Deputy Dist. Atty. Garie Lynn Oehler. Pregnant women are exempted from Caltrans work.

Barron's lawyer, Angelyn Gates, argued that Barron was joking when she said she was pregnant.

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