High Court Weighs Use of Electric Chair

From Times Wire Reports

Florida's Supreme Court in Tallahassee challenged the state to defend the constitutionality of the electric chair after being shown gruesome photos of the latest electrocution. Justice Harry Lee Anstead called the images "heinous," "horrible" and "right out of some horror movie." Justices had been shown color photos of Allen Lee "Tiny" Davis, still strapped in the chair minutes after his bloody execution July 8. Florida's high court ordered a halt to further executions until Sept. 14 and ordered a judge in Orlando to hold a hearing on the operation of the chair. A circuit judge ruled three weeks ago that electrocution does not violate the constitutional ban on cruel or unusual punishment. Richard Martell, chief of capital appeals for state Atty. Gen. Bob Butterworth, wants the high court to uphold that ruling.

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