Dr. Laura’s Slander Lawsuit Tossed Out

A Superior Court judge Wednesday dismissed radio talk show host Laura Schlessinger’s slander lawsuit against a South Coast Plaza surf shop owner.

Judge John Watson agreed with Beach Access owner Tom Moore that Schlessinger’s case violated state law that prohibits suits meant to stifle free speech.

The case arose from an incident in July when the syndicated talk show host walked into the Beach Access store in Costa Mesa with her son. She browsed through a copy of Big Brother Skateboarding magazine and the next day told her nationwide audience that Beach Access had put out pornography for kids to see.

Schlessinger then accused Moore of calling her a liar when reporters asked him to respond to her charges. Schlessinger sued for slander.


After Schlessinger made her comments, angry parents showed up at the store, and Moore lost business, his attorneys said.

In October, Moore and store manager Ryan Schieber went on the offensive and filed their own $4-million suit for slander against Schlessinger. That case is pending.