The City Council will meet Tuesday, but no action will be taken because there won’t be a quorum.

The City Council was unable to agree on canceling the meeting, which will only have two members present. Mayor John M. Gullixson and Councilwoman Barbara W. Kiley both said they will be out of town that night for the holidays.

Yorba Linda has just four council members, with the seat formerly held by Gene Wisner now vacant. It takes at least three council members to call the meeting to order.


Councilmen Henry W. Wedaa and Mark Schwing last week voted against canceling the upcoming meeting, even though they knew Gullixson and Kiley wouldn’t be there.

“It’s a scheduled meeting; I’ll be there,” Schwing said.

Recognizing that no action would be taken Tuesday, the council did agree to set a special meeting for Dec. 27 so it can vote to have the finance department pay the city’s bills.