Board Sets Interviews for County Assessor’s Post


The County Board of Supervisors intends to interview candidates beginning early next year to serve out the remaining term for the soon-to-be-vacant county assessor job, officials said Wednesday.

The current assessor, Kenneth P. Hahn, is retiring from his post Jan. 24. The board can appoint a successor until the November election, and any board appointee would become the incumbent and gain an advantage in the election.

Supervisor Gloria Molina, chairwoman of the board, said her colleagues agreed to announce the search for candidates and to interview finalists before making an appointment.


Molina said she had opposed making any appointment because it may smack of politics, but that “as long as we have a process in place” there should not be problems.

According to one schedule circulated by county staff, supervisors would begin interviews in February.

Hahn has recommended one of his deputies, Rick Auerbach, as his successor. Former Assessor John Lynch, former assistant to the assessor John Carl Brogdon, and Pasadena City Councilman Chris Holden are among those who have expressed interest in the post, as have other staff members in the assessor’s office, sources say.

City Controller Rick Tuttle, who was thought to be a possible candidate, is not interested in the job, an assistant said.