Fire Truck

Re “Hillside Residents Funding Fire Truck, Fueling Debate,” Feb. 2: In my opinion Los Angeles gains greatly by the action of these local residents in the following two ways:

1) The city doesn’t have to provide a fire truck, new or used, to the fire station. In effect the residents have decided to tax themselves for this truck. Thus the funds that would be otherwise needed are released to the city as a whole and all citizens benefit, albeit in a small way per capita.

2) In case of a fire in the area, with the new truck, there is a far higher chance of suppressing the fire before it becomes a major problem. This will result in continuing long-term savings to the city because of the lower overall fire suppression costs, particularly in the brush areas.

HOWARD A. TOPP, San Marino


Perhaps after raising money for their new fire truck, the hillside residents will apply their new fund-raising expertise to a campaign for the repeal of Prop. 13, a cause which would benefit the entire city. Now that would be a taxpayer revolution in Los Angeles.