An Action Figure Right Off the Screen

Let’s get one thing straight, this pistol-packing mama is enough to raise the dead. Straight from her bestselling “Tomb Raider” video game, Lara Croft leaps off the small screen and into your hot little hands as a play action figure.

And even at just 9 inches, she packs quite a punch. For $19.99, you get Lara dressed in a wetsuit posing with a harpoon gun and two pistols. If you think that’s exciting, you’ll give a 21-gun salute when you see what Lara’s got coming down the pike.

In April, Lara will be available in her jungle outfit with two handguns. In July, she’ll be in Area 51 attire with two handguns and an M-16.

But wait, there’s another incarnation of Lara that will make your heart throb. Also, in July, a 12-inch Lara action figure will go on sale for $29.99. She’ll be decked out in fabric fashions and rooted hair. She’ll even talk, with a vocabulary that includes about 100 phrases from the video game series.


What a dreamboat! For more information, visit Playmates Web site at