Celebs Surface All Around Town

Geri Halliwell (1) may have given up the Spice, but her recent appearance at Hollywood's Virgin Megastore proved she hasn't sacrificed any of her sizzle. The 26-year-old, raven-haired diva hardly needed it, but she brought her own red carpet to the event, using it to decorate the store's staircase, from which she descended for a meet-and-greet with hundreds of screaming fans, most half her age. The pop tart turned political activist was in town to promote the release of her new record, "Schizophrenic."

Indie film poster girl Parker Posey (4), pictured with Levi Strauss' Roy Edmondson, was on hand at the Classically Independent Film Festival kick-off party at the 5th and Sunset Studios recently. We'll see if Posey can hack it in the mainstream this winter with her starring role in "Scream 3." The bald and beautiful Bai Ling (3) ("Red Corner") and Adrien Brody (2) ("Summer of Sam"), left, with David Moscow ("River Red") were also there to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Independent Feature Project.

Adam "Big Daddy" Sandler (5) gets a handle on his co-stars, Cole and Dylan Sprouse.

The inseparable Ben Affleck (6), middle, and Matt Damon attended the Liberty Hill Foundation's gala to present their friend Howard Zinn with the group's Upton Sinclair Award. Affleck and Damon, who featured Zinn's work prominently in their film "Good Will Hunting," will, in the fall, appear together again in Kevin Smith's controversial "Dogma." Damon will also star opposite Affleck's former paramour, Gwyneth Paltrow, this winter in "The Talented Mr. Ripley."

While at the "South Park" premiere, L.A. funny girl Janeane Garofalo (7) got some practice posing in front of the cameras for her own upcoming film, "Mystery Men." Fellow funny men Matt Stone, left, and Trey Parker (8), creators of the irreverent animated "South Park" comedy, also glammed it up at Mann's Chinese.

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