Zymed's New Cardiac Device Gets FDA Approval

Camarillo's Zymed Inc., which develops cardiac monitoring technologies, has received FDA clearance for a compact cardiac event recorder called HomeTrak Plus.

The device is designed to capture extended events on an electrocardiogram in ambulatory patients.

The HomeTrak device is about the size of a pager and is designed for cardiac patients with symptoms that cannot be captured using standard methods. Zymed officials believe the device will be prescribed for use of up to 30 days.

When a patient feels the onset of a cardiac event--either through shortness of breath or discomfort--the patient presses a button on the device, which stores an EKG of the event. The patient then uses the telephone to transmit the EKG data to a receiving station in a physician's office or home.

The HomeTrak Plus system is in the United States for a list price of $1,195. International distribution is under negotiation.

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